Energetics, transport and waste

Energetics, transport and waste is thematically considered locally and regionally one of the priority areas of activity. Since 1995,  we have pointed out on the potentials of renewable energy sources, the need for improving public transport and the development of cycling infrastructure,  rehabilitation of existing and preventing the formation of illegal dumps and application of the new technologies in waste management.


Application area of renewable energy sources and greater energy efficiency is considered one of the greatest challenges of sustainable development and ensuring of better and healthier environment. Eastern Croatia has the potential use of these technologies through the use of thermal springs, biomass and solar energy. For this reason, in 1998. Green Osijek  began working on this program through the presentation of new technologies and research on the potential of their applications, which resulted by creating the first collection of works on this subject – Slavonia and Baranja in the light of renewable energy, which is released by Green Osijek.

Systematic education in the field of renewable energy we conduct on two locations:

  1. Energy passive house in Osijek – energetics of urban complexes
  2. Eko center Zlatna Greda – energetics of rural areas

 Activities of the sub-program Energetics:

  • Promotion of new technologies
  • Promoting to use renewable sources and energy efficiency
  • The research and expert analysis
  • Education, information and increasing awareness
  • The exchange of knowledge, promotion of the best practices and cross-sector connections
  • Media and public campaigns through the exhibitions, round tables 


Green Osijek has since its inception recognized the need to improve the public transportation system and development of cycling  as sustainable and environmentally acceptable way of transport in Osijek and in the region. There have been numerous of  cycling events which pointed to the problem of lack of cycling infrastructure, and over time have come to fruition that Osijek is today a city with the most kilometers of bicycle paths per capita. As the association started developing, began the implementation of major projects among which were the projects of development of cycling and cycle tourism. In 2005, we established the first post-war peace bicycle route Croatia-Serbia and third peace route in the world – “Pannonian path of peace.” In 2009, the Green Osijek created a study of improving bike routes in Osijek – Baranja County, which has so far served as a basis for the construction of three projects and the establishment of bike routes in Osijek-Baranja County.

Activities of sub-progrme Transport:

  • Promotion of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport
  • Education, information and raising public awareness
  • Establishment, construction and marking bike routes
  • Promotion of bike routes
  • Advocating for the development of public transport and the use of new technologies
  • Reaserch and making studies



The priority of this program is waste management, waste prevention and waste separation. Green Osijek is the most engaged in developing a model of waste separation in Osijek, educating citizens and students, and the updating and addressing the issue of illegal landfills in Natura 2000 areas.

We organized numerous of cleaning actions in which we involved volunteers (for example in one action in 2012 year over 200 volunteers participated in one day).

Activities of Waste subprogram:

  • Promotion of new technologies
  • Advocating for the use of waste separation
  • The research and expert analysis
  • Education, information and increase awareness
  • Media and public campaigns through exhibitions, round tables
  • Actions cleaning, removal of illegal dumps, including volunteers