About us


Fair and ecologically sustainable society, which ensures high quality of living and harmony between people and nature.


Association for nature and environment protection Green Osijek is independent, non-government, and non-profit organization established in 1995 in Osijek, Croatia. Its goal is to educate and activate citizens in the field of nature preservation, improvement of quality of living trough advocacy, promotion and implementation of the ecologically acceptable technologies and sustainable development.
Members of the association began their work with environment cleaning actions, tree planting, biking tours, etc. After few years Green Osijek grew in actions and more significant and long term projects started. Green Osijek is one of the most active environmental associations in Eastern Croatia.
Green Osijek has 88 members, 15 of which are volunteers and 6 are permanently employed.

Area of operation

  • Nature and environment conservation
  • Advocacy and encouraging public for participation in decision making process
  • Promotion of sustainable development trough lectures, public presentations, exhibitions, round tables, conferences, printed and video materials
  • Raising of the awareness and education about nature and environment protection
  • Promotion of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency
  • Encouraging of the eco tourism and rural tourism as model of sustainable natural resources management
  • Networking with organisations and institutions with similar area of work in Croatia and World wide

Acknowledgments and awards

  • 2013. Charter of the Republic of Croatia - for an extraordinary contribution in the multi-annual promotion and protection of nature and the environment in the middle of the Danube region
  • 2013. Green city award – for the best ecological film in Croatia (Central Danube region)
  • 2010. Green Charter of Osijek - baranja county - for special contribution to environmental and nature protection in Osijek - baranja county