Green Telephone

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This program allows citizens to actively participate in solving problems of environmental protection in their community.

After the activists of Green Osijek receive a call, they help people by consulting with them and help them to solve all kind of problems. Applications to the relevant institutions, media reports, public hearings, and in that way they affect the resolution of the reported cases. Every year are made semi-annual and annual reports of the Green telephone that is publicly presented (based on the reports of citizens) and discussed with relevant institutions. In solving reported cases we cooperate with other departments of Greens telephone in Croatia.

Our Green Telephone covers an area of Osijek – Baranja, Požega – Slavonia, Vukovar and Virovitica county. With the implementation of this program we started symbolically on Earth Day (22.4.2002.) and in 2003. we have become a members of Croatia’s Green Telephone network. So far we have successfully implemented 21 projects under this program.

Activities of Green Telephone are:

  • Call duty on Green Phone (every day from 8 am to 16 pm)
  • Legal advices to citizens
  • Meetings with the coordination of the Croatian’s Green Phone network
  • Going on field to verify the cases
  • Contact the local representative of the competent services
  • Media campaigns, promotion, advocacy
  • Public discussions, round tables, presentation