Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources

From 1997 – 2014 we carried out 20 projects for the conservation of nature and the development of ecotourism in the area of Kopački Rit, the Regional Park Mura-Drava and Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube. In addition to the cooperation projects we have in Croatia (Kopački rit, Papuk, County institution) we also have cross-border co-operation with NGOs and protected areas in Hungary (National park Danube Drava), Serbia (Special Nature Reserve Zasavica Special Nature Reserve Upper Danube) and Austria (WWF).

Nature protection

In the area of Eastern Croatia the valuable natural habitats are wetlands and floodplain habitat of lowland rivers Drava and Danube, on whose territory beside Natura 2000 has several protected areas – Kopački rit, Regional Park Mura-Drava and Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube.

Green Osijek was a part of the initiatives and advocacy to designate the Regional Park and Biosphere Reserve after its promulgation systematically working towards actively protecting, improving, promoting sustainable management and use.

Activities of sub-program Nature protection:

  •  Monitoring and research of species and habitats
  • Development of publications and research papers, analysis
  • Advocating for active protection and sustainable management
  • The establishment of cross-border and cross-sector cooperation
  • Organization of events, exhibitions and other public events
  • Raising public awareness, information and knowledge
  • Media and public campaigns, discussions, round tables

Sustainable use of natural resources

In and around the valuable and protected natural habitats are communities that are as a result of the war and the economic situation very poor and socially isolated. Only sustainable development and coexistence with nature can ensure the quality of life of local communities and conservation of natural resources. This is why we have this routine started in 2001 with the project OTOK  whose main component is the sustainable use of natural resources through the development of eco-tourism and the promotion of natural assets. By encouraging the development of eco-tourism, we have continued working until this day through a series of projects aimed at building the capacity of local communities and the creation of new eco-tourism facilities.

Activities of suprogram Sustainable use of natural resources:

  •  Training and capacity building of local communities
  • Develop, promote and implement the new eco tourism programs
  • The protection and promotion of cultural and traditional values
  • OrganizatThe establishment of cross-border and cross-sector cooperationion of events, exhibitions and other public events