The Prince of Wales supports the protection and restoration of the ecosystems of Middle Danube!

On Tuesday, 15 March 2016. Prince of Wales visited the Association Green Osijek and Eco Centre Zlatna Greda and he shown a great interest in sustainable development and environmental protection. Through a very interesting conversation about Kopacki Rit, the Danube and Zlatna Greda, members of Association Green Osijek and associates, presented the values, issues and the importance of conservation of those resources.

Prince already came with some knowlege about the region and its challenges, he was actively involved in discussions with the students and participants of the models of coexistence of the man and nature. He accentuated the importance of  wetland habitats, as well as their role in defense against floods.

In the guest book of Eco Center he wrote: “I wish you a lot of success in restoration and protection of these valuable ecosystems …”