Sit down, your grade is three!

It all started 26 years ago with an idea to start a telephone line on whitch citizents can report problems or make a suggestion about environment ishue and then the people who are in charge of answering the phone will talk to them, help them solve the problem and transfer their information to the competent institutions.Three years later, that idea come to life in Zagreb in association Green Action under the name Green Telephone. Today ten associations for environmental protection receive phone calls from citezents all over Croatia.The number of Green Telephone is : 072 123 456 Until today Green telephone has recived 39478 phone calls from concerned citizents. Green telephone records numerous successful cooperations and partnerships with the public services and state bodies but also a large number of less successful cooperation. Exactly this was the reason for all the members of Green Telephone to analyse previous work with a focus on the obstacles and problems in dealing with citizens’ complaints.

Although there is a difference in treatment of the competent services from county to county , the general assessment of the cooperation is average, a solid good.

Unfortunately, excellent grade deserve only individual services and  individuals who responsibly carry out their work and are always available to provide information. Results of surveys and interviews clearly indicate that the majority of competent institutions and services have insufficient financial, material and human resources , and this effect them in their daily work.

In addition to the problems we mentioned in the text above we have establish the need for:

  •  improveing the situation in the field of inter-sectoral cooperation and the networking and the creation of additional trust and cooperation of all stakeholders to protect the environment in order to change experiences and to understand better the role of each stakeholder in their work in general
  •  educating reresentatives of the services involved as well as citizens from other different areas
  •  improving the transparency and efficiency in the work of the competent services
  •  creating trust among the citizens