Forum on waste management

In eco-educational park Green Island on 20.05.2015.was held the third cross border forum on waste management.The theme of this forum was the management of biodegradable waste.

Marijan Galovic from the Association for nature and environment protection Green Osijek, presented the advantages of separate collection of biodegradable waste.The results of seperate collection of biodegradable waste is a compost of excellent quality. If the separate collection of biodegradable waste is well organized, it is absolutely compatible with the objectives of reducing the amount of waste.The system of separate waste collection is extremly labor intense but increases employment and reduce the cost of waste disposal.

The city of Milan is the first metropolis in the world that started separately collecting biodegradable waste from door to door,It is an excellent example of a good practice.

Centar for compost presented their activities and experiences of composting in households. Citizents reaction was very positive and they shown a great interest in composting.

Tihana Škugor from Unikom informed the participants about the project of building a composting plant in Osijek which will be financed by EU funds.Participants were given informations about the planned method of collecting biodegradable waste and they disscussed the options which will be presented to citizents: composting in their own compost, brown countainer for biodegradable waste and a small brown container for kitchen waste.

Work meeting of cross-border forum for waste management was organized within the IPA cross-border cooperation project “The case for zero waste” conducted by Unikom Osijek, Association for nature and environment protection Green Osijek and Croatian Development Agency, and the JPK Komunalije from Sremska Mitrovica, the city of Sremska Mitrovica, the Ecological Club of Sremska Mitrovica and CEKOR from Serbia.