Big River Jump!

In five Croatian cities more than a thousand people took part in the Big River Jump“ and in that way marked the third anniversary of the proclamation of UNESCƠs Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube. Big River Jump

is organized for several years at different locations along the rivers in Europe.This year, except in Osijek, celebration was held  also in Legrad, Varazdin and Vukovar. This symbolic gesture represent a loud call from people all over the Europe that want their rivers and lakes back. Rivers are irreplaceable artery of Europe that flow across all borders, ensuring the life of ecosystems and local communities and we need to keep them in clean and healthy state.

WWF in cooperation with local partners Green Osijek, Zeus and rafting club Matis organized event „Big River Jump“ and celebration of the European Amazon Day.This manifestation is a part of the campaign „Our rivers our treasure“.With this campaign we want to highlight the importance od River Watchers for the preservation of our rivers Mura,Drava and Danube.With regular boat patrols along the rivers and their armbands ilegal activities like poaching and gravel extraction are detected and reported.The network is also active in monitoring of bird and fish population.

The European Amazon day is the celebration of the incredible river landscape which Austria,Croatia,Hungary,Slovenia and Serbia all share.It is marked every year on the birthday of premature decease Martin Schneider Jakoby.He was the founder of the idea of penta-lateral Transboundary Biosphere Reserve that UNESCO proclamed in 2013. year.