Living Danube Strengthening capacities for the protection of Middle Danube ecosystems - Road to Sustainability of the Croatia - Serbia Cross Border Region

About the project


Focus of the project „Living Danube“ is to establish cross-border cooperation in protected areas management of the Middle Danube region and sustainable development of cross-border region of Croatia and Serbia. The “Living Danube” will last for 24 months, and is aimed to strengthening public awareness and capacity of all local stakeholders (NGOs, citizens, local authorities, users of protected natural resources, the local population of protected natural areas, tourism companies) involved in the process of sustainable use and protection areas of Eastern Croatia and North-Western Serbia.

An important part of the project is to prevent loss of biodiversity, river pollution, loss of wetlands and other problems in the Danube basin, such as unsustainable river management, lack of cross-border cooperation, low level of environmental awareness and navigation projects. The activities of analyze of current situation and practices of natural resource management in the Danube region, followed by workshops for all these stakeholders with the aim of defining roles in the processes of management and use of natural resources will be carried out until 14.12.2014.

In the course of the project “Living Danube”, which is funded by the European Union under the IPA Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Serbia partners will organize seminars in local communities located along the protected areas of the Middle Danube and the area of the future UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube”. Creating a Photo guide book “Danube for people and nature,” andsetting up a series of public exhibitions on the theme of protection and threat to biodiversity floodplains of the Danube, will ultimately contribute to the development of environmental awareness among the local population in the Middle Danube of Croatia and Serbia.

In order to improve the spatial plans, plans for the revitalization of river, management plans for protected areas, and other business and investment plans in the Middle Danube region a cross-border action plan will be created for the conservation and sustainable development of the Middle Danube, which will be based on scientific research and the input of all interested and relevant stakeholders.

As part of these activities attitudes will be produced that can be used for future cooperation between environmental organizations, relevant institutions, local governments and their successful management of natural resources in the border regions of Croatia and Serbia. Active and personal approach will give results which will serve as exemplary model for planning similar projects in other regions in the process of planning and cross-border cooperation Danube countries.