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Bilingual environmental education in Drava Basin

In the frame of IPA cross border program Hungary - Croatia (2007 - 2013) management of the Duna - Drava National Park and Association for nature and environment protection Green Osijek submitted a joint project proposal and received the funds for implementation of the common Croatian - Hungarian environmental education project. The goal of the project is to form environmental education centers along river Drava for young Croats from Hungary and young Hungarians from Croatia, establishing of necessary educational infrastructure, education of human resources and acquiring necessary educational tools.

One of the most important missions of the Duna - Drava National Park is education, development of rural and eco tourism, preservation of national parks, maintenance of property and infrastructure in the area, all together with management activities related to protection of naturally valuable areas. Main activities of Green Osijek are nature and environment protection, education in and about nature, development of eco tourism, protection and preservation of natural and cultural heritage of Slavonija and Baranja. The most important program is the Eco centre Zlatna Greda next to Kopački rit Nature Park, in which many educational programs are implemented, as well as protection of nature and eco tourism activities.

In the frame of Croatian - Hungarian common project which is implemented in 2010 two educational centers will be renovated - one in Croatia, the other in Hungary. In educational centre Zlatna Greda there will be an exhibition which will display natural and cultural values of the Drava region. In the near area around educational centers as well as in near villages, bilingual info panels will be put up for informing the local population. Printed material will also contribute to the implementation of the educational program: one quality edition which will contain information in Croatian and Hungarian languages about natural and cultural values of Drava region, as well as bilingual dictionary with terms related to environmental protection. Also, an education of pedagogues will be held during two sessions. During the education they will be presented with educational programs such as RODA, BIDEL, and GEOINFORMATIKA which they can use in their everyday work. In long term, both educational centers will become places of organization of youth camps for Croatian and Hungarian children. In the frame of this project two five-day youth camps will be organized.

Project results, such as infrastructure, educational material and programs will not be used only by pedagogues from Croatian and Hungarian minorities, but also by local communities and majority of the population. During the camps young Croatians and Hungarians will learn about natural and cultural values of their country and the neighboring country. This will help create a pleasant cross border environment where natural, cultural and economical values are preserved and promoted. Therefore we estimate that, even before Croatia enters EU, the Croatian and Hungarian partners will form the border community which understands and protects natural and cultural values of its area and its neighbors, and in this way are open towards each other. River Drava will help strengthen the common relationship and preserve the common treasure in these two countries.

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